Motivation Assessment (MA)

The motivation assessment report shows the individual's motivational level. It also measures a number of personality and behavioral traits such as: transparency (openness), teamwork, creativity, stimulation, self-esteem, and participation amongst others.

Stress Assessment (SA)

The stress assessment report shows the individual's stress level and one,s ability to handle pressure. It also measures a number of stress traits and symptoms such as: communication, knowledge, conflict, justice, safety and health at work.

Defense Assessment (DA)

The purpose of the test is to get a survey of an individual's defense routines and his/her ability to participate in an effective and open manner. Defense routines are habits that have been added to protect us from threats to our self-image and identity. The procedures thus provide protection for our deepest assumptions. The test aims to measure the levels of these routines in areas such as guilt, flexibility, participation, forgiveness, communication, conflict, control and rationality.

Prepetual Motivation Positioning (PMP)

The test consists of seven subscales, namely (1) competence, (2) external requirements, (3) social relationships, (4) psychological challenges, (5) expectations of self, (6) trust and (7) self-esteem. The purpose of the test is to gain in-depth insights into an individual's experiences of boundaries and participation, trust, creativity and openness.

360° Self-awareness

The test consists of ten sub-scales, namely (1) communication, (2) teamwork, (3) participation, (4) responsibility, (5) personality, (6) behavior, (7) defense routines, (8) stress, and (9) motivation and (10) identity. The purpose of the assessment is to gain a measure of your self-awareness. The evaluated person judges him or herself in relation to the 10 sub-scales, but prior to doing that, you nominate a number of colleagues (a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 10 people) to take the same assessment about you. These are all done anonymously to protect responder evaluators and to insure that you get reliable feedback from them. All questions use the same scale. This procedure enables you to make comparisons between how you see yourself and how others see you. My-E-Health's 360° Mirror assessment is a perfect tool for self-development. Used well, this tool will provide you with perspectives and knowledge about yourself within your environment thereby empowering you with the ability to be your best, reflect on self, and to improve your well-being.